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Polandia, negara di Eropa Timur, salah seorang warga negaranya yang mengaku penulis lagu, komposer dan pemain violin telah mengirimkan karya cipta ke redaksi Radio Indiemania, internet only radio station since 2009.

Kok jadi inget lagu ILona The very best yang dinyanyikan group cadas dari sono ya?

O L E N A polish singer, songwriter, violinist, and composer, she arranges her songs. Olena began her musical education at the age of five. She’s been playing the violin from the age of six. She graduated from the music school and the Academy of Music in Lodz, class of violin. She was gaining her stage experience from an early age. In December, 2015 Olena debuts with the Christmas single, ‘Fall in love at Christmas’ released by the record label Konkol Music. The song was played by the most popular Radio Station in Poland including Radio Zet, RMF FM, Radio Eska. In 2016, in cooperation with Konkol Music, she released her second single ‘Demon’.

The song appeared on the playlists of the biggest radio stations in Poland, Radio Zet, Radio Eska, RMF FM. The video is played on music video channels such as Eska TV, 4FUNTV. Olena repeatedly performs at DDTVN. In November 2016 she released her third single “Apocalypse”. The song can be heard, among others, on Radio Eska. Currently, the singer is working on her debut album, and her music is a mix of different genres.

Olena – Czech and Ukrainian variant of the name Helena, from English. Ancient Greek “The light of the moon.”

M A C & M O R E is a polish producer, composer, author, guitarist. Born and living in Wrocław. His first steps in the music industry were with a group called “Spastic” in 2004. By being their manager and producer. Their debut album “Foolish” he was hailed as the artistic event of the year by a music magazine “Antena Krzyku”. Mac & More continued to create his own compositions. In 2005, in the national competition “Przebojem na Antenę” (“Przebojem na Anteną”), his own song “Szukąjc Szczęścia” won the second prize. The song was found on a joint album published by Polish Radio. In 2016. He released the single “Świat Wie” realized together with Ania Deko and Robert Chojnacki, which got over one million views on YT in the first month.

P L A N S At the moment Olena i Mac&More are working together on an album. You will find there compositions from the artists both in Polish and in English. The producent of the publishing house is Mac&More. The first single “Ten Świat” had its in January 2018. and announces a series of joint recordings and soon a debut album. The upcoming is the single “Save This World”, released on January 28, 2018. and is a joint proposition for the National Elimination to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Longing, love, loss… Save This World, a song written by Olena, produced by music producer Mac&More, tells a story of deep emotions, about missing someone, about how fragile is life and how easy it is to lose happiness that is everything we care about most. The song, however, gives hope. Between this what is Real and not there is always a Chance for a happy ending.. The song was submitted as a proposal for the National Pre-Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Watch: https://youtu.be/CWKKQMtPCUw

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