Oldboy Melody

Oldboy Melody itu beda dari Old Boy Melody, artinya akan bergeser maka jangan sampai salah menuliskan atau menyebutkannya. Jadi kita simak saja mini album mereka.

1. Muhammad Reza Rasyid a.k.a JUNOM
The Harmonic Guitarist who sing and play his guitar as well on Oldboy Melody. Many girls always feel so fall in love every first time meet him. We also practice and arrangement all instrument at his home, that’s why we call it “Basecamp”. He is one of front man of our Oldboy Melody.

2. Oswald Sandy a.k.a OSWALD

With Junom have an idea for make New Wave music on Oldboy Melody. So interested with any modern poem and very enthusiastic in writing. Many friends called him “Crazy Blue” because he like blue colour so crazy. Very wild on the dance floor. Playing keyboard and sing as back vocal.

3. Mikha Alexander a.k.a MIKHA

The curly hair boy who playing his interval bass so cool. Have less confident in love, that’s why although he have a lot of charisma, he never has girlfriend before.

4. Doni Hidan a.k.a DONI

The Heartbeat of Oldboy Melody. Have more intelligent and energic in music. He also very wild playing his drum at every stage who make him look so impressive. Have a pretty girlfriend called “Mia” who take part as documenter on every our performance.

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