Alessandro Pagani

alessandro pagani
Italia ternyata gak cuma sepak bola atau pelukis, band indie ternyata juga ada, mengusung genre rock dan ada link lagu mereka yang dikirimkan ke meja redaksi radio Indiemania, jadi mari kita simak bersama aransemen yang coba mereka tawarkan pada para penikmat musik.

Hello, this is Alessandro Pagani from Florence, Italy, formerly with Valvola band and Shado Records.

Sorry for my bad english, I write to send you the “Trenches” file, the debut album of my current alternative rock band Stolen Apple.

The album, released during September 2016 and produced in collaboration with Rock Bottom Records, is distributed by Audioglobe and Clearspot, and my hope, if the work will be to your liking and my request is not too anachronistic, is that you can consider it for airplay: this what would make me a great pleasure.

Here you can find “Trenches”:



During February 2018 will be out our second official video directed by the italian journalist and videomaker Michele Faggi, with rare images shot in super 8 taken from amateur archives of the late ’70s.

If you need, later I can send you the press kit about the release.

Thanks for your attention, kind regards from Italy.

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